Goldgenie custom Centric gold iPhone 13

Goldgenie Special Offer: Ultra-Limited Edition of “Centric” 24k Gold iPhone 13

Last month, Centric announced a partnership with Goldgenie International, a London-based luxury gold iPhone and gift company that now accepts Centric Swap (CNS).

Laban Roomes, the award-winning entrepreneur behind Goldgenie, contacted us with another limited edition offering for the Centric community: an Ultra Limited Edition “Centric” 24k Gold iPhone 13 (Pro Max) 1 TB.

The back of the stunning gold iPhone features the Centric logo (“nodeflake”). Only ten units will be made available, and each is individually numbered.

The iPhones are SIM-free, allowing the owner to use the mobile carrier of their choice. The gold is scratch resistant and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

This special offer includes free delivery by DHL within 7-10 working days of order. The Centric iPhone 13 will arrive in a luxury iPhone gift box, and will include a certificate of authenticity.

The Gold Centric iPhone 13 is available to customers paying with either fiat or Centric Swap (CNS). If you want in, you’ll need to hurry—as there are only ten of these to go around!

Visit the special offer on Goldgenie’s website to order your iPhone.

Watch this video featuring the Centric 24k Gold iPhone 13 (Pro Max).

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Rendering of Centric Gold iPhone 13

Centric Goldgenie Gold iPhone 13

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