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Swap CNS for CNR to earn hourly growth.

Global currency for the next generation.

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Reliable, trusted, accepted everywhere.

We believe financial freedom for the next generation can be stable, reliable, trusted and untethered from existing assets. It’s our vision to be the breakthrough digital currency, widely accepted globally. Learn about us.

Adoption, stability, utility.

Creating a new form of money is a journey, not a race. Centric was first conceived in December 2017 and is just getting started. Centric’s economics reward early adoption and stabilize as the size of the economy grows. View our roadmap.

Centric’s dual-token economy

Centric is an innovative dual-token digital currency and decentralized blockchain protocol built on sound economics. The dual-token model rewards adoption with a fixed hourly yield, and stabilizes over time as it self-regulates token supply to meet ongoing changes in demand.

Centric Rise (CNR)

Centric Rise (CNR)

Centric Protocol

Centric Protocol

Centric Swap (CNS)

Centric Swap (CNS)

Early adoption is rewarded

Holding Centric Rise yields predetermined hourly earnings on your investment in Centric Swap, because every hour, the value of Centric Rise increases in relation to Centric Swap. Early in the project yield is high to encourage adoption and reduces over time to promote stability.

How to get started

Buy Centric Cash (CNS)

1. Buy

Purchase Centric Swap (CNS) online, from trusted cryptocurrency exchanges.​

Convert your Centric Cash (CNS) to Centric Rise (CNR)

2. Convert

Convert your Centric Swap (CNS) to Centric Rise (CNR) to benefit from hourly growth.

Centric Rise's Hourly Growth

3. Yield

Every hour your Centric Rise (CNR) is worth a little more Centric Swap (CNS). Convert your CNR back to CNS at any time.

Centric Case Study

Case Study - Sam

Sam buys $100 of CNS for $0.01* each, receiving 10,000 CNS. Sam converts his CNS to CNR, and now holds 1,000 CNR.

Sam holds his CNR for 1 month, experiencing predetermined yield of 28.5%. When he converts his CNR back to CNS, he gets back 12,850 CNS.

Sam sells all his CNS for $0.01* each, receiving $128.5 USD, yielding a profit of 28.5%.

*The price of CNS is set by the market and is for example purposes only. If the price of CNS drops more than 28.5% Sam will have lost money. If the price of CNS is more than $0.01 Sam will have yield greater than 28.5%.

Centric Foundation Governance

Centric is governed by a non-profit entity called the Centric Foundation whose role is to expand adoption by developing partnerships and supporting innovative projects that contribute to the utility of Centric.

Centric Long-term vision
Long-term vision

Centric has a history of delivering its roadmap since December 2017. Looking forward, the Centric Foundation is focused on a 10 year roadmap of products, services, partnerships and regulatory compliance. View the Centric roadmap.

Centric Cash (CNS) & Centric Rise (CNR) Adoption
Adoption is rewarded

In the Centric economy the exchange rate between Centric Swap and Centric Rise grows by a small amount every hour. This means it pays to hold Centric Rise. Early in the project growth is higher and over time will reduce to a target of 4% per year.

Centric's Stabilizing Economics
Stabilizing economics

Centric’s dual-token model creates the conditions for a synthetic-stable currency. Over time the Centric protocol works to regulate the supply of Centric Rise to raise the on-market price of Centric Swap to $1 USD.

Adoption Phase for CNS & CNR
Adoption phase (current)

In the adoption phase, Centric’s economics are volatile as the supply of Centric Rise burns quickly to find consensus with the market price of Centric Swap. The utility of Centric is small with a limited number of partners. During this phase Centric is an investment opportunity.

Stability Phase for CNR and CNS
Stability phase

When the price of Centric Swap approaches $1 USD, burning of Centric Rise slows and volatility reduces. At this point we have the conditions for a synthetic-stable currency. During this phase Centric will offer a compelling alternative to fiat currencies and serve as a digital payment system for a wide variety of online merchants.

Utility Phase for Centric Cash (CNS) and Centric Rise (CNR)
Utility phase

When Centric has gained the trust of online buyers and sellers it will transition to a viable alternative to fiat currencies. Centric will compete with existing transactional currencies offering censorship resistance, price discovery, tiny fees, fast international transactions, plus the additional benefits of a public blockchain ledger.

Learn more

Centric basics

Understand the vision, economics and technology of Centric’s dual-token model. Learn the basics.

Key metrics

View the important data of the Centric economy such as token supply and CNR price. View the key metrics.

Centric Foundation

Learn about the Centric Foundation and the team leading Centric to success. Read about the Centric Foundation.

Helpful resources

Centric Wallet
Centric Wallet

Get the Centric native experience. Securely send, convert and store your tokens.

Centric Swap - Convert between Centric Cash (CNS) & Centric Rise (CNR)
Centric Swap

Convert your Centric tokens with the fully decentralized and censorship-resistant convert tool.

Centric’s blockchain explorer
Centric Explorer

Centric’s blockchain explorer. View transaction histories, wallet balances and more.

Centric FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Centric Support
Centric Support

Submit a support ticket to our friendly team of Centric experts.

Centric Developer Resources
Yield Calculator

Use the Yield Calculator to calculate the growth of your Centric assets.

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