12 March 2021

Statement on Gabriella Departure

Centric community members have recently inquired about the updated changes to our website URL and social media handles. The purpose of this communication is to explain the reason for these changes and to provide a current list of the company’s official channels.


In conjunction with Centric’s hiring of a new Chief Executive Officer, we requested that the outgoing acting-CEO (Gabriella Davis) surrender a number of company-sensitive items upon her exit. The requested items included login credentials for social media accounts, domain registrar, and various internal platforms. Unfortunately, Ms. Davis has refused to comply with this request to date, and our attempts to resolve the issue privately have proven unsuccessful.

To ensure continuity, Centric Foundation deployed new social media accounts and secured a new domain (centric.com). We have also initiated legal action to recover the Foundation’s assets in accordance with the terms of Ms. Davis’s employment agreement.

We recognize that these account changes have been disruptive and confusing to many in the Centric community, and we sincerely apologize for these impacts. We remain confident that all assets will be recovered in due course.

Meanwhile, we recommend that community members unfollow the displaced social media accounts and update any links and bookmarks accordingly. (Please note, any links to the old website are currently forwarding to the new site).

facebook.com/JoinCentric facebook.com/centricfoundation
twitter.com/Join_Centric twitter.com/centricrise
instagram.com/centricfoundation/ instagram.com/centric_foundation
youtube.com/channel/UCh6HigDNG-NbFMwFCCoU9jg youtube.com/channel/UC78BowQEg4xHJBTYHL6YTWg
t.me/CentricChat t.me/centric_camp
t.me/centric n/a
linkedin.com/company/joincentric linkedin.com/company/centricfoundation
reddit.com/user/joincentric n/a