UK-Based Northern VoIP Now Offers Centric Swap (CNS) Payment Option for Their Telephony and IT Customers

January 24, 2022

Northern VoIP offers a five percent discount to customers who pay for products and services with CNS.

Northern VoIP of the Orkney Islands, Scotland now offers customers in the UK and around the world an option to pay with Centric Swap (CNS). 

Through their VoIP Store, the company offers an extensive array of VoIP (Voice over IP) products from leading manufacturers. Beyond physical products, they provide numerous services, including both cloud hosted and on-premises phone systems, planning and design, installation, IT & Networking, and more.

Northern VoIP Owner David Johnson has owned and run several IT businesses since 2010. He founded the company in 2018, after a successful two decade career in the IT industry.

“Northern VoIP is excited to offer customers a Centric Swap payment option, plus a five percent discount on products and services purchased with CNS,” said Johnson. 

Centric’s Chief Operating Officer Tommy Butcher said, “Northern VoIP offers an impressive selection of VoIP products for customers in the UK and beyond. If you have VoIP or IT needs, why not contact them for a free consultation?” 

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About Centric 

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About Northern VoIP

Northern VoIP offers cost-effective, reliable, and advanced phone systems and VoIP services to businesses across the UK. Our online VoIP Store has over a thousand products with next day delivery available to the UK and shipping Worldwide.

We offer a variety of on-premise and cloud hosted phone system solutions suitable for different customer requirements and specifications. We supply and install Sangoma phone system solutions. They both provide a full range of powerful modern features with extensive built-in Unified Communication features. We also provide full consultancy services, planning & design, installation, and excellent value user/call plans and support options.

We have many years experience working within the IT industry and offer this as an addition to our VoIP services. Combining this with our extensive range of VoIP equipment and accessories available through our online VoIP Store makes us the ideal Strategic Service Provider (SSP) allowing us to deliver your IT and VoIP solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Our customers are very important to us and our approach is highly focused on their ongoing needs and priorities. We always aim to provide a friendly and professional service to our customers and always ensure that we get to know about their businesses from the very first meeting. We offer free initial consultations and are happy to provide clearly detailed proposals for your IT and VoIP solutions.