Centric Foundation Announces Thomas Butcher as New Chief Operating Officer

5th April 2021

Centric’s second executive hire this year is an early Centric investor and well-known supporter of the project.

London, UK. April, 05 2021—Centric Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Joel Clelland, announced today the addition of Thomas Butcher as the firm’s new Chief Operating Officer. Butcher served as part-time independent advisor to the Centric Foundation for the past two years. A Centric evangelist, Butcher has frequently promoted the blockchain-based project through his social media accounts.  

Butcher brings twenty-five years of professional experience. He began his career as an IT support technician, then moved into various executive-level marketing roles. After seven years as an Executive Vice President at Houston-based HubSpot agency LyntonWeb, Butcher moved to digital marketing agency, Bonafide, where he served as Vice President of Operations for the past year and a half. 

As COO, Butcher is Centric’s second highest-ranking executive, and he reports directly to Clelland. Butcher will supervise the company’s sales and marketing teams and overall operations, with a special focus on new partners, exchange listings, and other strategic alliances to grow the Centric economy.

Clelland, who recently joined the team himself, says he “couldn’t be happier,” to announce Butcher as the executive team’s latest addition. Ironically, Butcher comes aboard less than a month after he and his wife Tracy conducted the first public interview of Clelland as Centric’s CEO. At the time, neither Clelland nor Butcher had any inkling that he’d be joining the executive team, as Butcher was dedicated to his full-time role at another firm. As the two became familiar with each other in the days following the interview, Clelland says, “it suddenly clicked, and I knew Tommy was the perfect fit.”

“As a Centric investor and vocal supporter, Tommy has already been a huge asset to Centric over the past couple of years,” said Clelland. “He believes in Centric as much as we do, and has generously served as an independent advisor—primarily on a pro bono basis—to add value and help the project grow. He’s that kind of guy,” Clelland said. 

Like Clelland, Butcher had already invested in the project well before considering a professional role with the company. 

“I am super excited to join the executive team at Centric. I already know most of the exceptional players on this fantastic team, so I know exactly what I’m getting myself into. I couldn’t be happier to lock arms and help drive the project to success,” said Butcher. “I’m in this with my heart, and ready to hit the ground running,” he said. 

Learn more about Centric and how it’s solving the adoption and volatility issues of cryptocurrency

About Centric 

Centric was conceived with the vision of one day replacing traditional fiat currencies. Blockchain technology will enable a more transparent world and we believe our innovative approach to achieving widespread adoption long term is what sets Centric apart from other cryptocurrencies today.

We believe the largest obstacle to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is price volatility. Cryptocurrencies, unlike fiat currencies, do not have a central bank to implement monetary policy focused on stabilizing purchasing power. Thus, changes in demand induce massive price fluctuations. The decentralized model to price discovery has made the majority of existing cryptocurrencies nothing more than stocks or commodities, valued on psychology, traded on unregulated stock markets, and susceptible to manipulation. The lack of price stability has prevented credit and debt markets from forming because volatility incurs a premium.

While the rest of the industry focuses on transaction throughput and smart contracts, we focus on solving price stability to realize the economic capabilities that the blockchain enables.