March Update: NFTs, CENPAY, GHS, Moolah and more.

25th March 2021

Centric’s CEO Joel Clelland provides an update on upcoming developments at Centric.

Highlights from Joel’s update…


CENPAY is a lightning-fast blockchain payments solution backed by Centric’s innovative cryptocurrencies. CENPAY gives eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar businesses the ability to accept CNR and CNS and issue Centric NFTs. Business registration is now open, register here.

Centric holders will be able to use the upcoming Centric Wallet App and Centric Wallet Browser Extension to transact with businesses using CENPAY.

Read more about CENPAY here.


Businesses using CENPAY can issue NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for receipts of purchase, digital products and exclusive rewards. Use cases of CENPAY NFTs include event ticketing, exploding offers, licensing, warranty and servicing, refunds, prepayment.

Read more about CENPAY NFTs here.

GHS (Green House Staking)

Green House is a community developed decentralized staking platform providing a steady drip of crypto rewards. Green House is scheduled to launch in the coming month.

Green House Staking dashboard

Centric’s partnership with gaming platform continues to grow with the imminent release of 1,000+ additional games.

View Moolah’s updated whitepaper here.