Fox Maker’s, an Italian Electronics Store, Introduces Centric Swap (CNS) Payment Option

January 27, 2022

Fox Maker’s now accepts CNS for robotics, 3D printers, smart tech, LED lighting, and more. 

Fox Maker’s, an Italian online electronics store, now offers tech enthusiasts a Centric Swap (CNS) payment option. Based in San Severo, Foggia, the electronics store serves customers across Europe. Fox Maker’s sells 3D printers, smart tech, automation devices, robotics, LED lighting, and more.

Shoppers will find 3D printers at various price points, plus filaments, resins, spare parts, and other accessories. The store’s smart home devices enable users to program and control aspects of their home, such as temperature, lighting, and security cameras, from a mobile device. Robotics range from educational toys to advanced robots intended for restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, libraries, etc. The available industrial robots employ artificial intelligence and perform tasks such as cleaning and disinfecting, and delivery tasks, like transporting meals to restaurant patrons. Civil and industrial automation products include motors and related parts for sliding doors, gates, barriers, garages, shutters, and awnings.

In 2012, Danilo Mucedola founded White Fox Design, the company behind the Fox Maker’s website. Danilo says the company’s direct relationships with manufacturers allow their “modest prices.”

Centric COO Tommy Butcher said, “I believe Fox Maker’s is the first business to introduce CNS payments for products like 3D printers, robotics, and smart devices. As we grow adoption in these early stages, it’s exciting to witness Centric’s spread across various product categories and industries.”

“Benvenuto [welcome], Centric community,” said Danilo. “We look forward to supplying your electronics-related needs.”

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About Centric 

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While the rest of the industry focuses on transaction throughput and smart contracts, we focus on solving price stability to realize the economic capabilities that the blockchain enables.

About Fox Maker’s

Stop wasting endless hours searching the internet for electronics! Fox Maker’s has what you need. We deal directly with manufacturers, so you’ll always get fair pricing. Fox Maker’s provides quick turnaround on orders and friendly customer service.