Centric Partner Update: Green House Staking to Host 48-Hour Bug Bounty Event

November 12, 2021

Green House Staking (GHS) is inviting the crypto community to take part in a 48-hour bug bounty event, beginning Monday November 15 at 10AM Central.

According to GHS, “The purpose of the event is to invite the crypto community to pressure test the security of the GHS platform on the testnet following the recently completed audit by cybersecurity firm Hacken.”

The event will include up to $10,000 in bug bounty prizes, paid in Centric Rise (CNR).

“Security of users’ deposited funds remains priority number one for us,” said GHS. “As we get closer to launching, we are opening the doors to everyone to hop on the testnet and try their best to find security vulnerabilities on the platform. With Centric’s support, we’re pleased to offer a bounty if anyone can find a security vulnerability in the smart contract.”

Here’s how it works:

During the 48-hour event, the first tester to find and document a unique, verifiable smart contract security vulnerability by posting on Green House Staking’s official Telegram will qualify for a share of the bounty. If multiple testers report the same vulnerability, only the first to report it will qualify. Prize amounts will be paid out based on the severity of the vulnerabilities.

The event will run from Monday, November 15 at 10 AM Central to Wednesday, November 17 at 10 AM Central.

Watch a tutorial video on how to access the GHS testnet.

Participants may obtain the testnet BNB needed to participate in the event here.

Questions about the bug bounty event? Please post them to the GHS Telegram channel.

Want to learn how users can earn rewards through Green House Staking? View the following post for a detailed description.

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About Green House Staking
An official Centric partner, Green House Staking (GHS) is a decentralized, autonomous, and immutable staking application running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Designed as a DeFi application, GHS was created to lockup token supply while providing users with a secure environment to earn a consistent supply of cryptocurrency rewards.