Centric Foundation Announces Joel Clelland as New Chief Executive Officer 

9th March 2021 

Centric Foundation is pleased to introduce Joel Clelland as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. With over twenty years of diverse career experience, Clelland brings an impressive track record of leadership in various industries and capacities, including finance, education, and the nonprofit sector. Most recently, Clelland built and led a successful sales, marketing, and distribution agency at World Financial Group. He also serves as the board chair for Project Boon, a nonprofit empowering the underserved in Southern California and neighboring Mexico.

Clelland holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies and a Master’s Degree in Education from Azusa Pacific University. Networking with other professionals has been a hallmark of Clelland’s career—a skill he will leverage to expand Centric’s partnerships. He will also oversee the upcoming deployment of CENPAY, Centric’s merchant payment solution, featuring lightning fast, no-fee transactions with Centric’s native currencies, Centric Cash and Centric Rise. 

“Everything I have accomplished in my career has been enhanced and supported through building and extending relationships. Today, Centric remains relatively unknown to the public at large. As a networker, educator, and communicator, I plan to change that as we pursue mass adoption,” said Clelland. 

Clelland initially discovered Centric as an individual investor. 

“After studying the protocol last summer, I believed I had glimpsed the future of money,” he explained. “I am thrilled to join this incredible project and team and drive us toward protocol consensus.”

Sharing the Centric vision through media appearances and among the community sits high among Clelland’s initial priorities. 

“I am an educator at heart. Whether in the classroom, boardroom, or across the table from a client, I strive to convey a solid grasp of the fundamentals. I will continue this approach as we lead the way in inviting new participants into the cryptocurrency space,” said Clelland. 

Clelland will introduce himself to the Centric community in the coming days, and he looks forward to keeping the community up-to-date as the project develops. 

Centric Foundation thanks Gabriella Davis, who served as acting CEO since December 2019, and wishes her well in her future endeavors.