Centric Announces Exclusive Partnership with Crypto Donations

December 9, 2021

Centric’s Chief Operating Officer Tommy Butcher announced today the finalization of an exclusive partnership with Crypto Donations. Crypto Donations will allow donors to contribute to charities and nonprofits with 25+ cryptocurrencies. Donors may also contribute with a Visa or Mastercard in over twelve supported fiat currencies.

Approved charities can list with Crypto Donations at no cost. Neither donors nor charities pay any service or administrative fees to Crypto Donations to use the service. One hundred percent of donations sent will go to the charity, less only the standard fees charged by a third-party crypto payment processor (CoinPayments), and the standard gas / network fees inherent in crypto transactions.

All donations, whether made with crypto or fiat, are exchanged for Centric, and deposited into the charity’s wallet in Centric Rise (CNR).

For example, when a donor sends 100 USD in bitcoin to their favorite charity through Crypto Donations, the bitcoin will be automatically traded on an exchange for 100 USD worth of Centric Swap (CNS). It will then be converted to Centric Rise (CNR) and deposited into the charity’s wallet. Once Crypto Donations goes live and donations flow in from around the world, the model will create an increased demand for CNS, resulting in “buy pressure” on exchanges.

“I believe Crypto Donations is one of Centric’s most significant partnership announcements to date,” said Centric COO Tommy Butcher. “A transparent, blockchain-based donation platform for charities and nonprofits, with no added fees—it’s a game changer in the charitable fundraising arena.”

A spokesperson for Crypto Donations confirmed the organization has already signed over 20 nonprofits. “We will ramp up our global partnerships team in the first quarter of 2022, with a goal of adding 2,500 nonprofits to the platform by 2024,” said the spokesperson.

Joel Clelland, CEO of Centric, said, “We invite all Centric community members to support Crypto Donations by following their Twitter and Telegram. Let’s show some love and support for this amazing project that can truly help make the world a better place!”

To learn more about Crypto Donations, please check out their presentation.

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