Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Migration Update: Smart Contracts Completed & Audited

May 27, 2021

Earlier this month, we announced Centric will move from the TRON network to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The blockchain jump is our current top priority, and we are working to prepare for the migration. Here’s an update on some recent developments.

The Centric development team has updated the smart contracts for CNS (Centric Swap) and CNR (Centric Rise) for compatibility with BSC. We hired iosiro, a cybersecurity and smart contract auditing firm, to review the changes to the protocol. (As you may recall, iosiro completed an audit in April 2020, prior to the launch of CNS on exchanges)

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We are pleased to announce the audit is complete, clearing the way for us to proceed.

As stated at the end of the Executive Summary:

“No further issues were identified during the review.”

While we expected a clean report, it’s always great to receive external validation from an industry leader. Having the code reviewed and verified by a third-party trained to look for security risks, bugs, and other anomalies also provides assurance to investors.

You can view the audit here.

Having passed the audit, we deployed the smart contracts for both CNR and CNS on BSC.

Centric Rise (CNR) Smart Contract:

Centric Swap (CNS) Smart Contract:

Note: the migration to BSC is not complete!

Today, Centric remains running on the TRON network, and several important steps remain before we can migrate the rest of our infrastructure.

Upon the move, those holding Centric tokens in the Centric Web Wallet will have their tokens automatically converted from the TRC-20 (TRON) standard to BEP-20 (BSC).

For those holding their CNR and/or CNS in an external wallet, our dev team will build a tool to allow token conversion from TRC-20 to BEP-20. The token conversion tool has not been released.

Once it is ready, we’ll link to it from our website and announce it through our official channels. You can be sure, the conversion tool will NOT ask you to provide your private keys or login credentials.

Always keep your private keys private. Anyone asking you to share your private keys is not your friend.