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11 September 2020

A Message from the CEO
CEO Gabriella Davis Shares the Backstory of How She Became Involved with Centric

Here at Centric, we’ve recently received some inquiries regarding the events that led to my joining the Centric team. I am issuing this statement to share the background and clear up any misconceptions.

Before the public launch of Centric, the plan was for Logan Schauer, a crypto enthusiast and member of the founding team, to assume the role of CEO and navigate the Centric project through the next phase of growth.

I have been in a serious relationship with Logan for a few years. During this time, I learned a lot about Logan’s vision for Centric and formed relationships with the team.

Logan and the Centric team had a powerful vision to use blockchain for good—to make a lasting impact on the world. Values and principles mattered, and that moved me powerfully.

On November 27th, 2019, the unthinkable happened. Logan was involved in a devastating motor accident, leaving him in critical condition. The injuries were extensive, and Logan’s prognosis was uncertain.

In the immediate aftermath of Logan’s accident, I inadvertently became the central point of contact for Centric. It started out with simply replying to his incoming communications to explain why he wasn’t responding, then quickly transformed into acting on his behalf in business dealings.

After extensive communication with the Centric team, it was decided the best path forward was for me to step in as acting CEO. I put my own entrepreneurial ventures on hold to support the success of this monumental project. The goodwill and trust Logan had already built, combined with my intimate knowledge of the project gained from working and living alongside him, made for a smooth transition during a turbulent time.

Every day I experience the gravity of this responsibility. I am humbled and honored to work alongside an incredible team of 50+ talented and committed people who share the Centric vision. I’m also grateful for the amazing support from the Centric community.

Logan continues his challenging recovery process. It’s too soon to tell if he will make a full recovery and return to work.

Meanwhile, the team and I remain committed to the long-term success of Centric.

Gabriella Davis, CEO
Centric Foundation