BSC Migration FAQ

On the 10th May 2021 Centric announced it will migrate to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), after almost 2.5 years on the TRON blockchain. Centric’s tokens, Centric Cash (CNS) and Centric Rise (CNR), will move to the BEP-20 token standard native to the Binance Smart Chain.

Questions & Answers

If you already hold your tokens in the native Centric Wallet the migration will be done for you automatically on or around the 15th of July 2021. Please ensure your TRON-based tokens are at your wallet address by 0600 UTC on the 15th of July 2021.

We expect the migration to take up to 24 hours. During this time you will be able to login to your wallet, however send and convert functionality may be limited.

If you miss the deadline of 0600 UTC on the 15th of July 2021, don’t worry as we will be processing additional migrations in the weeks following. Please keep an eye out for announcements of when additional migrations will take place.

Please note, as part of this process you will be issued a new BSC Centric Wallet address. Be sure to login to your wallet after the migration is complete to find your new address. For more information on the migration process for native Centric Wallet users, refer to the Centric Wallet Migration FAQ.

If you hold your tokens in an external wallet you can use the Centric Convert tool. Please note that the Centric Convert tool only supports CNR conversion so you must first convert any CNS to CNR using the Centric Swap tool. This tool can be used anytime on or after the 15th of July 2021.

You also have the option of allowing us to manage the migration for your by creating an account at the native Centric Wallet and sending your tokens there before 0600 UTC on the 15th of July 2021

For more information on the Centric Convert tool, refer to the Centric Convert Guide and  Centric Convert FAQ.

Nothing. Exchanges will automatically replace your TRON-CNS with BSC-CNS, one-for-one. Please be aware that trading may be halted for a period of time. Refer to announcements from the individual exchange on the timeline for migration and trading halts.

TRON-based Centric tokens will continue to function exactly the same as they do now, however they will no longer be supported by the native Centric Wallet, exchanges officially listing CNS, and third-party applications supporting Centric tokens on BSC.

Centric officially moved from TRON to BSC at 0600 UTC on the 15th of July 2021.
1win yukle proqramı sizə tam çeşidli oyunlara və idman mərclərinə giriş imkanı verir.

The CNR BEP-20 smart contract address is: 0xdCbA3fbd7BBc28abD18A472D28358089467A8a74

The CNS BEP-20 smart contract address is: 0xF6Cb4ad242BaB681EfFc5dE40f7c8FF921a12d63

Yes you can view details of the external audit of the CNR smart contract performed by Iosiro here. You can view the external audit of the CNS smart contract performed by Iosiro here.

BSC-CNR/CNS is issued one-for-one in exchange for TRON-CNR/CNS. TRON-CNR is sent to the CNR smart contract and then the BurnLostTokens() function is executed. For TRON-CNS, it is first converted to CNR, and then the same process is executed.

When exchanged for BSC-CNR/CNS, TRON-CNR/CNS is burnt. TRON-based tokens will continue to exist until all tokens are burnt and the circulating supply reaches zero.

Centric will continue to support the creation of CNR price blocks as well as conversion and burning of TRON-CNR/CNS through its smart contract. Centric will also support the conversion to BSC-based tokens until the supply is exhausted.

No new tokens are being issued. BSC-CNR/CNS can only be issued one-for-one in exchange for TRON-CNR/CNS.

The initial supply of CNR tokens on both chains was set at one billion.

We will start by burning the already burnt amount of TRON-CNR as of 0600 UTC on the 15th of July 2021 and periodically thereafter, we will burn additional CNR from the BSC chain to ensure there is always one BSC-CNR available to be redeemed for one TRON-CNR. 

We will continue to burn BSC-CNR in line with protocol enforced burning of TRON-CNR until the circulating supply of TRON-CNR reaches zero.

No, the new BSC-CNR contract has been created with price blocks and future growth rates set exactly the same as the existing TRON-CNR smart contract.

No, the logic of both contracts remains exactly the same. Only small changes to the source code have been made to account for differences in the interface required for BEP-20 tokens

The best way to find answers to your questions is to ask the Centric community.

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