BSC Chain Conversion Tool Guide

On the 10th May 2021 Centric announced it will migrate to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), after almost 2.5 years on the TRON blockchain. Centric’s tokens, Centric Cash (CNS) and Centric Rise (CNR), will move to the BEP-20 token standard native to the Binance Smart Chain.

About the Centric Convert Tool

The Centric Convert tool provides users with their Centric tokens on wallets other than the native Centric Wallet the ability to convert their TRON-CNR to BSC-CNR.

This tool can be used anytime on or after the 15th of July 2021.

Please note that the Centric Convert tool only supports CNR conversion so you must first convert any CNS to CNR using the Centric Swap tool.

For more information please refer to the Convert Tool FAQ and the  BSC Migration FAQ.

BSC Chain Conversion Tool & Metamask Set Up

In order to convert tokens held outside of the Centric wallet, you will first need either a Tronlink or Tronmask address ready to receive some TRON CNR. TRC20 CNR will be transferred from your Tron wallet, burnt, then you will receive your BEP20 CNR in your BSC wallet address at a ratio of 1:1.

Let’s first start with setting up your MetaMask Wallet.

Set Up Metamask

Next, you will need to set up a Metamask wallet connected to the BSC chain. 

To configure and add the BSC chain to MetaMask first, head over to the MetaMask Download page.


Select Your Preferred Platform

Then follow the steps to install it on your device. In this example, Chrome is selected.

Create a MetaMask Wallet 

If you are new to MetaMask you will select Create a Wallet.

Create Your Password

Next, create a unique and secure password not shared with any other sites or crypto wallets/projects. Make sure that the top and bottom passwords match, then check the terms and agreement box and click the Create Button.


Secret Recovery Phrase

After you complete the password section you will receive a Secret Recovery Phrase, formally known as Seed Phrase. Your recovery phrase is the “master key” to your wallet and funds.

Be sure to backup your Seed Phrase/Secret Recovery Phrase in a secure place. As suggested above you can save it in a password manager, a bank vault, a safe deposit box, or you can always write it down and store it in multiple secret places (honestly this is the least safe option).

Most importantly never share your recovery phrase with anyone for any reason, not even Centric or MetaMask support. If you are putting together a will or other such preparations be sure to consider a secure location where this information can be found in the event of your death. If someone asks for your recovery phrase, they are most likely trying to scam you. Without this phrase, your funds can’t be recovered if your device is damaged or lost. Confirm that you’ve written them down on the next page. 

Once uncovered you will go to a new window which will ask you to select your Secret Recovery Phrase in the order you received it, as you select them from the bottom options they will fill in the box above. Once all of the words have been selected in the order received, select the Confirm button. 

Add the BNB Network 

Select the account icon in the upper right corner, then you will select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Select “Networks” and then “Add Network”

Input the following information and then select Save. 

Network Name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Once BSC (Binance Smart Chain) BNB is Added exit settings window. 

You should then be in the BNB wallet window.

Now go to the bottom and click Add Token. This way once your CNR/CNS is added to your wallet you will immediately see your tokens in the CNR Wallet.

Now enter the CNR Token Contract Address

BSC Centric Rise Contract – 0xdCbA3fbd7BBc28abD18A472D28358089467A8a74

The rest of the information, Token Symbol and Token Decimal will auto-populate. Then click Next.

You will then be asked to confirm your added tokens. Click Add Tokens.

Then you should be brought to the CNR Wallet where you would see your tokens if they had been added.

The process to add CNS is the same as adding CNR above.

BSC Centric Swap Contract – 0xF6Cb4ad242BaB681EfFc5dE40f7c8FF921a12d63

Converting your TRC20 CNR to BEP20 CNR using the Conversion Tool

*Please note: When performing a manual Swap from the TRC20 tokens using the BSC conversion tool please ensure that you are only swapping CNR TRC20 to CNR BEP20, CNS CANNOT BE CONVERTED WITH THIS TOOL. Also, be aware that your Centric Wallet Address will be updated after the migration.

Open the Centric Convert tool in your browser.

As mentioned above, to move your tokens from Tron to BSC you will first need to convert your CNS to CNR using Centric Swap ( 

You will then send your TRC20 CNR to a Tron-wallet supported by Centric Convert such as Tronlink or Klever (formally TronWallet), you will need to pay a small network fee in TRX for the conversion.

Once you have connected your TRON wallet you will see the connected Tron wallet address in the upper right-hand of the screen beside the connection indicator, which will be green once a wallet has been connected. In this window, you will be prompted to Enter your BSC Receive Address.

When using Centric Convert you must nominate a BSC wallet address to receive BSC-CNR. That would be the MetaMask Wallet address we used to set up the BEP20 CNR Address using the steps above. You will add this MetaMask Wallet address as your BSC-CNR Receive Address.

You will note that you cannot select the amount of TRON TRC20 CNR to convert to BSC BEP20 CNR as the conversion tool will swap out the entire balance of your Tron based wallet all at once, if you would prefer to test the conversion tool with a smaller amount please create a test wallet with the preferred test amount of TRC20 CNR added.

Be sure to confirm the details of your convert and click ‘Confirm’. Be sure to approve the transaction in the dialog presented by your TRON wallet. 

Once you confirm the conversion, the TRON TRC20 CNR will be transferred from your Tron wallet and burnt, then you will receive BSC BEP20 CNR to the nominated BSC wallet address at a ratio of 1:1.

If you need help

If you are having problems don’t forget to read the Centric Convert tool FAQ.

The best way to find help is to ask the Centric community.

Join us on Telegram.

Join us on Discord.

If you are still having problems open a support ticket at

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