Q3 2022 Recap

A recap of Centric's third quarter for 2022, including a new credit/debit card onramp, partnerships, metrics, and milestones.

Dear Centric Community,

Even as the world dove deeper into crypto winter, Centric managed to put some points up on the board. 

Here’s our recap of highlights from the third quarter.

New Credit / Debit Card Onramp

BankSocial Exchange
A new Centric Swap (CNS) listing with BankSocial Exchange introduces a credit and debit card onramp in new geographies, including select states in the US, starting with California and Texas. See announcement.


In Q3, Centric closed a deal with eCommerce platform Bemodo. Shoppers can not only pay for products with Centric Swap, but they’ve chosen CNS as their “preferred cryptocurrency.” The official announcement dropped on October 3.

Through HEALM’s forthcoming augmented reality mobile app, players around the world will embark on a virtual treasure hunt to discover treasure chests filled with crypto—including Centric Rise (CNR). See announcement

HEALM subsequently introduced Centric Swap (CNS) payments for their land presale.

South Africa’s “fastest growing online marketing platform,” DigitalFlyer began accepting Centric Swap (CNS) payments. See announcement.

Ready to Accept Centric at YOUR Business?

If you’re a business owner and you’d like to offer your customers a Centric payment option, please get in touch with our CENPAY team. Complete the form at Centric.com/cenpay. 

Where would you love to shop with Centric? Please invite the business owner to contact us! 

Metrics & Milestones

Centric Rise Growth

The immutable price blocks set by Centric Foundation kicked off July with CNR’s pre-determined growth rate set for 13%, followed by 12% for August and September.

July Starting Price:   $499.64

September Closing Price:   $708.11

Centric Rise Cumulative Burn

In Q3, the Centric protocol burned just shy of 13 Million CNR (12,998,917), bringing the cumulative burn to 155,272,210 CNR as of September 30, 2022. 

That’s over 15.5% of the total supply of CNR permanently burned out of existence. It ain’t ever coming back, folks!

Need a refresher on why CNR is burning and why it matters? Here’s a fun deep dive.  

Centric Wallets  

The latest numbers show 58,763 wallets containing Centric, including 35,702 native Centric web wallets.  

Thanks for reading! 

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