Centric Healm Partnership

Centric Partners With HEALM Metaverse for Play-To-Earn Rewards in a Worldwide Crypto Treasure Hunt

Centric announces a partnership with HEALM, a metaverse project building an interactive AR mobile game that integrates cryptocurrency & NFTs

Centric Rise (CNR) tokens will be included in virtual treasure chests airdropped for player discovery worldwide within HEALM’s augmented reality mobile app.

Centric’s COO Tommy Butcher announced a new partnership with HEALM, a metaverse project. HEALM is developing an augmented reality (AR) mobile application that will allow players to find and unlock treasure chests containing cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Centric’s flagship token, Centric Rise (CNR), will be placed within virtual treasure chests and airdropped around the world. Players will use the AR mobile application to discover the treasure chests and claim the tokens.

According to HEALM’s whitepaper, the mobile application “will send an alert when a Treasure Chest or Crate is detected within a one-kilometer radius. The user will then see the location pinned on a map, and may navigate toward it.”

“HEALM’s treasure hunt will be unique in the play-to-earn space,” said Butcher. “While most metaverses and P2E games mint their own tokens for player rewards, HEALM provides rewards in multiple cryptos. This benefits the players and also offers Centric a fun and novel way to introduce new users to the network,” he said. 

HEALM CEO Jesse Walter said, “We are delighted to have the support of the Centric Foundation, and we can’t wait to introduce our players to the Centric Rise (CNR) token.”

The HEALM whitepaper says that the team has “ambitious plans to establish a major foothold in the race to be the largest metaverse.” Besides the mobile application, Walter said the team has “already begun developing assets for fully immersive virtual reality experiences within the broader HEALM metaverse.” 

“We’re excited for Centric to enter the metaverse, and to partner with a company on the front edge of the emerging web3 economy,” said Butcher.

Readers can create a free HEALM account and get the first crack at hunting for CNR and other cryptocurrencies when the beta version of the mobile app launches. 

Learn more about HEALM — healm.com

Learn more about Centric — centric.com
Read Centric’s Whitepaper — centric.com/whitepaper

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