Centric Foundation Announces Appointment of New CEO Mark Sorenson

Centric Foundation Announces Appointment of Mark Sorenson as CEO

Centric Foundation announces appointment of a new CEO, Mark Sorenson—a financial markets business leader with over 25 years of experience.

On July 29th, Joel Clelland will step down as CEO of Centric Foundation. Mark Sorenson, a financial markets business leader with over 25 years of experience, will assume the Chief Executive Officer role on August 1st.

Centric Foundation announced today the appointment of Mark Sorenson as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective August 1st. Joel Clelland will step down from the office on July 29th, and will remain in an advisory position through August to support the transition.

Centric Foundation achieved several key milestones during Clelland’s tenure, including a successful migration to the Binance Smart Chain in July of last year, and the introduction of several new partnerships. Sorenson was recruited to lead Centric through the organization’s next phase of development and to further global adoption of the cryptocurrency.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sorenson brings over twenty-five years of experience in investment banking and financial markets, including traditional finance, foreign exchange, commodities, Fintech, digital assets, and cryptocurrency. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland. Career highlights include head of Trading/Sales for ANZ Bank Ltd, bond manager for BGC Partners, audit assurance with PwC Sydney, and responsibility for Asia Pacific OTC trading and sales at Equonex Group, a NASDAQ listed crypto exchange. In 2019, Sorenson applied macro trading, technical analysis, and on-chain analytics to a self-managed super fund crypto portfolio, resulting in an impressive +500% return in 2020 and +100% in 2021.

Sorenson said, “I’m looking forward to bringing everything I’ve learned over my career to drive the adoption of Centric as a global currency.” 

Centric COO Tommy Butcher said, “As we prepare to welcome Mark to Centric Foundation, I want to thank Joel for his dedication and service. He served honorably, including through challenging times. The team is grateful to Joel for his many contributions and we wish him the best.” 

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