Centric adds four new retailers accepting CNS payments

4 More Merchants Now Accept Centric Swap (CNS)

Let's meet the four most recent merchants to offer their customers a Centric Swap (CNS) payment option.

As much as we love HODLing our Centric Rise (CNR), Centric is, after all, establishing a payment network. Aaaand….we now have four more merchants on the map who’d be stoked to earn your business—especially if you’re paying with CNS. Let’s meet them . . . 

WebPC is a pay-as-you-go cloud-based DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) provider based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company specializes “in the best quality cloud machines for virtual desktops with a responsive, anonymous, customizable workspace and end-to-end encryption for security and privacy.” That was a mouthful, right?

So….if you need to do some top secret work with the 1s and 0s, throw some CNS over to WebPC. Just don’t be doing anything super-sketch though, ‘kay kids? 

WebPC is a pay-as-you-go cloud-based DaaS accepts CNS payments

Based in Bogotá, Colombia (¡Berraquísimo!), DejaVu Trades offers an online platform that helps traders in their operations, providing trends, support, and signals to enter the market long or short. It allows beginners and advanced traders to trade the markets in the short term and have a constant return to increase their profitability. DejaVu Trades offers subscription fees on either a monthly or annual basis—all payable in CNS, of course. 

DejaVu Trades offers an online platform that helps traders in their operations now accepts CNS payments

AirbrushCustoms, based in Richmond, Virginia, sells custom hand-painted and airbrushed t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more through their eCommerce platform. Want to make it all your own? They offer a “design your own” feature that allows personalization. With worldwide shipping, AirbrushCustoms accepts your favorite SECOND favorite* global currency. 

AirbrushCustoms Logo

* We know those hourly yields make CNR technically your fave. But calm your Yeezys—with a quick swap you can convert that CNS into CNR! 

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, TurkishBox is an online retailer of traditional and handmade Turkish items and housewares. TurkishBox has you covered with cotton towels, ceramics, coffee makers, teapots, copper products, wall art, and more. Select products qualify for wholesale pricing and dropshipping. But only if you pay with CNS. (Okay, that’s not true. But just pay with CNS anyway. It’s the right thing to do.) 

TurkishBox Logo

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