Centric’s Holiday Gift Giving Extravaganza!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

As the holidays approach, Centric is putting on a Santa hat to spread good cheer to lucky winners around the world through a Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!

The Centric sleigh is stocked with prizes valuing over $4,580, and we’re excited to pass out gifts to several lucky good boys and girls!

Here’s a list of the 8 prizes and packages we’ll be giving away—followed by everything you need to know to enter to win.

Grant Cardone Exclusive 10X Bundle
($2,877 Value)

Grant Cardone Exclusive 10X Bundle

The 10X Rule, a social movement, unveils the secret principle which allows you to blast through business cliches and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams.

  • 10X Rule Audiobook by Grant Cardone: Over 7 hours 24 minutes delivered by Grant Cardone himself!
  • 10X Rule Video Program with Grant Cardone: 5+ Hours of Grant Cardone personally reading through and expanding The 10X Rule, his top best-selling book of all time
  • 10X Super Life Live Training: Over 4 hours of content with Grant Cardone showing you what you must do to Create a 10X Super Life
  • 10X Live Seminar Video, Audio: Get unlimited access to two of Grant’s seminars filmed in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE in Cancun
  • 10X Everything Coaching Audio, Video, eBook: This 6 page Super Life Exercise comes with 30+ Minutes of Exclusive Video, a Guided Walk-Through and 7 Critical Topics to create your Super Life
  • 10X Growth Conference 1: 24+ Hours Video Series of the 3-Day 10X Growth Conference 1, Exclusive 512-Page Transcripts of Keynotes and Q&As, plus 6 Bonus eBooks

Twitter Account to mention football upper body workout in your entry: @GrantCardone

Pyromaniac NFT from AirNFTs 
Value up to 1 BNB Value + Gas Fees (appx $600)

Pyromaniac NFT from AirNFTs

Winner may choose any of the available NFTs in Cipher Volt’s “Burn It Down!” Pryomaniacs Collection listed for sale at 1BNB or less.

Since releasing in October 2021, Pyromaniacs has held the #1 Top Artist position on AirNFTs.

Twitter Account to mention in your entry: @airnfts

Indulgence Package from Goop – Gwyneth Paltrow
($265 Value

Make your mornings more flavorful and energizing with the Fellow Clara French Press coffee, and make your evenings more relaxing and luxurious as you prepare for dreamland with both the Altitude and Anchor bath soaks from de Mamiel.

  • Fellow Clara French Press
  • de Mamiel Altitude Bath Soak
  • de Mamiel Anchor Bath Soak

Twitter Accounts to mention in your entry: @GwynethPaltrow @goop

Tony Robbins Personal Power Program Bundle
($249 Value)

Personal Power is a 30-day program designed to empower you to take back control of your life and make the changes that will transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

In this foundational program, you will learn the core strategies Tony Robbins created and mastered as part of his own personal path to success. These strategies will help you, just as they helped Tony, to revitalize your health, get the passionate and loving relationship you’ve always wanted, and achieve financial freedom.

Twitter Account to mention in your entry: @TonyRobbins

“Hanging with my Dogg” Package from the Snoopermarket – Snoop Dogg
(Up to $200 Value)

Snoop Dogg Snoopermarket bundle

Winner can choose EITHER:

Snoopy’s Bomber Jacket 


A Snoopermarket bundle of the following three items:

  • Snoop Dogg’s Cookbook: From Crook to Cook
  • Broadus Family Collection Candle
  • OG Snoop Dogg Logo T-Shirt

Twitter Account to mention in your entry: @SnoopDogg

“Get in the Shark Tank” Book Bundle – featuring inspirational reads from Sharks Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, & Mark Cuban
(Up to $177.46 Value)

Shark Tank Book Bundle

Receive ALL of the following books in your choice of paperback or Kindle format:

One (1) book by Barbara Corcoran:

  • Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business

One (1) book by Mark Cuban:

  • How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

Five (5) books by Daymond John:

  • The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage
  • Powershift: Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome
  • Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life
  • The Brand Within: The Power of Branding from Birth to the Boardroom (Display of Power Series)
  • Display of Power: How FUBU Changed A World Of Fashion, Branding, and Lifestyle

Four (4) books by Kevin O’Leary:

  • Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  • Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids and Money
  • Cold Hard Truth on Marriage and Money: Part Two of Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids and Money
  • Digital Pivot or Bust In a Post COVID-19 World: Why Small Businesses Must Re-Think Everything to Survive and Thrive!

Twitter Accounts to mention in your entry: @BarbaraCorcoran, @TheSharkDaymond, @kevinolearytv, @mcuban

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Holiday Classic Bundle
($134.99 Value)

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Holiday Classic Bundle

Play! Have fun! Learn to escape the rat race… in real life! 

This bundle includes the award winning CASHFLOW board game, along with the most popular personal finance book ever, Rich Dad Poor Dad, plus two other Rich Dad Classics, CASHFLOW Quadrant and Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing.

Twitter Account to mention in your entry: @theRealKiyosaki

“Get Your Crypto On” Book Bundle – featuring books by Aaron Malone & Bryce Paul, Neel Mehta, and Kiana Danial
(Up to $80.73 Value)

Crypto Book Bundle

This bundle includes three great reads to help you speed up your crypto learning journey! Where available, choose from paperback or Kindle format.

  • Crypto Revolution by Aaron Malone & Bryce Paul
  • Blockchain: Bubble or Revolution by Neel Mehta
  • Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies by Kiana Danial

Twitter Accounts to mention in your entry: @BrycePaul101, @CRYPTO101Pod  @neel_a_mehta, @KianaDanial

How To Enter

If after reading that list you’re ready to ape in like a kid on Christmas morning, here’s what you need to know. 

Submit a unique entry for each individual prize that interests you. Entries are submitted by sending a tweet on Twitter, as described below.

1) Be sure you are following @CentricRise on Twitter. 

2) Your tweet must mention @CentricRise and the Twitter handle of the influencer(s) / personality(ies) related to the prize you want to win. See the official list of prizes above for the specific Twitter handle(s) to mention for each prize. 

3) Mention the prize and WHY you want to win it.

4) Your Tweet must include the following tag: #CentricHolidayGiveaway @CentricRise $CNR $CNS #Centric

5) You may submit as many entries as you like for each individual prize. You may NOT submit duplicate entries. Every Tweet / entry must give a unique reason you want to win.

6) Centric's CEO, Joel Clelland, will choose the winners randomly on YouTube Live. The time and date of the selection will be announced on the @CentricRise Twitter account, so be sure to turn on those account notifications! 

Good Luck & Happy Holidays!

To stay in the loop on all the latest developments with Centric, be sure to follow Centric on Twitter and join the announcement channel on Telegram.

Centric’s Holiday Gift Giving Extravaganza!

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