Centric Foundation Collaborates With Cipher Volt Designers in NFT Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Hourly Burn of Centric Rise

Cipher Volt designers will release one thousand unique collectible NFTs, beginning with a limited release presale of 100 for the Centric community. Proceeds will be used for a token burn.

Centric is introducing a unique partnership involving a new line of NFT (non-fungible token) collectibles designed to raise awareness of the company’s unique tokenomics. The partnership leverages the creative talents of the design team from Cipher Volt, a crypto merch company that produces shirts, sweatshirts, and canvas wall art.

The “Burn It Down!” NFT collection will contain one thousand unique pieces of NFT art, featuring pixelated characters with matchsticks, lighters, burning pipes, and other incendiary items.

The characters depicted in the NFTs may look like arsonists, but the true object of their pyromania is not public or private property, but crypto tokens. The lion’s share of the profits will go back to the Centric community, in the form of a Centric Rise (CNR) token burn.

“We’ve committed all profits from the original sale, less an admin / design fee for the designers, to be used by Centric Foundation to buy Centric Swap (CNS) from the market,” said Tommy Butcher, Centric’s COO. “We’ll convert it to CNR, and then send the CNR to a ‘burn address’ on the blockchain, permanently removing the CNR from the total supply.”

While the future value of the “Burn It Down!” NFTs is impossible to predict, media reports have touted some NFTs being resold for as much as one hundred times the original sale price.

Well-known Los Angeles artist John S. Barge III will paint one of the upcoming NFTs from the collection as a mural in a Los Angeles, CA art district.

According to Cipher Volt, “We haven’t revealed which NFT John will paint. Anyone buying an NFT could end up randomly buying and owning this unique NFT.” Centric said that any NFT from the full collection could end up in a future collaboration.

A spokesperson for the Cipher Volt designers said, “We collaborate with a handful of projects and Centric is currently our most active community. We worked together in this campaign to help them raise awareness about the power of the hourly burn of CNR that’s built into the Centric protocol. Thanks to the protocol burn, CNR holders are gaining more market share every single hour. People are getting excited about this campaign, though the hourly protocol burn is way more powerful in the long run than anything we are doing with NFTs, or even with burning the proceeds.”

The “Burn It Down!” collection will list on Airnfts, an NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Prices will vary based on rarity and other distinguishing characteristics.

In order to give the Centric community the first shot at obtaining an NFT, Centric Foundation is restricting the announcement to their website and social media channels. The first 100 NFTs will drop on Wednesday, October 20 at 8AM Pacific.

After the limited release presale, a press release will announce the project to the public, with the remaining 900 NFTs dropping on Monday, October 25th.

Community members wishing to participate in the limited release presale are encouraged to fund a MetaMask or Trust Wallet with Binance Coin (BNB). (Please note, as Airnfts is a Binance Smart Chain platform, you’ll specifically need BSC / BEP-20 BNB).

Butcher said the campaign will proceed with transparency.

“We’ve published the wallet addresses to allow community members to trace activity and verify the proceeds are going exactly where they should,” said Butcher.

Cipher Volt Airnft Wallet (proceeds of NFT sales): 0xDE5Dbff99FCf7fcb56d9D05aCABfc520d4a06cfD

Centric Wallet (buying CNS, converting to CNR, and burning CNR): 0x0dF2579bb9b39BB3668369E6320502b48Ed25b41

Learn more about the hourly burn of Centric Rise, and why it matters.

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