Centric Third Quarter Recap

As Centric begins Q4, here’s a look back at some of the highlights from Q3. We have lots more to come in the final stretch of 2021.

Dear Centric Community,

As we blast into the fourth quarter of 2021, we want to recap for you highlights from our action-packed third quarter. Read below to find any news you missed, or to relive the excitement of the last three months.

We’re hard at work pushing more through the pipeline to finish the year off strong.

We expect a wild fourth quarter, and we’re excited to have you along with us for the journey.

Thank you for being a valued part of the Centric community!

Product Development

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

If you haven’t heard about Centric’s move to the BSC, you must have found a nice rock to hide under. 😁

After nearly 2.5 years on the TRON blockchain, Centric jumped to BSC on July 15, two months after announcing the plan in May. Just before the migration, we moved our liquidity from TRON’s JustSwap, and added it to PancakeSwap. We also renamed Centric Cash (CNS) to Centric Swap (CNS), as it better describes the purpose of the token.

To catch up on all the details, visit our BSC migration page and BSC migration FAQ.

Check out CEO Joel Clelland and COO Tommy Butcher’s post-migration AMA.

Additional External Wallet Support

For users holding their BEP-20 / Binance Smart Chain tokens outside the Centric native wallet, our devs added support for six new wallets, allowing users more ways to hold Centric and convert between CNS and CNR.

Centric Wallet Upgrade

The native Centric Wallet received a significant upgrade to the UX. A new display better shows the hourly growth of CNR, displaying users’ moment-by-moment increase in market share. A burn counter highlights the ever increasing scarcity of CNR. The team also updated the fees from Binance Coin (BNB) to native tokens (CNS / CNR) for a better user experience.

CEO Joel Clelland provided a guided tour of the new features in a video last month.

Partnership Updates


We closed off the quarter partnering with London-based Goldgenie, founded by award-winning entrepreneur, Laban Roomes. Goldgenie now supports orders paid in CNS for their luxury products and gifts, including 24k gold plated iPhones.

Check out Goldgenie’s exclusive offer on real 24k gold trimmed roses, only available to customers paying with CNS.

Did you know Laban appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and walked away with an investment from multi-millionaire entrepreneur James Caan? Check out this quick clip.

Tourvest Travel Services

Our new relationship with Tourvest Travel Services (TTS) represents two significant “firsts” for Centric—our first announced partnership with a company in the travel industry, and our first partner from South Africa. Centric will support TTS in allowing their corporate clients and associated businesses the opportunity to transact with Centric tokens. Eventually, we’ll assist TTS in integrating CenPay.


Centric’s partnership with this new DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain launched with CNS incorporated into two unique staking models.

After discussions with the community and CroxSwap, we changed things up with the CNS / BNB LP. Instead of earning CNS and CROX for staking, users can now earn CNR and CROX. Even better!

Investor Tip: When you add CNS-BNB LP through CroxSwap, their smart contract passes the liquidity on to Pancake Swap (PCS). Besides gaining rewards, the increased liquidity on PCS supports CNS as it helps to attract new investors!


While we continue to work on our own native blockchain payment solution (CenPay), we partnered with MyCryptoCheckout to offer CNS payments for online / ecommerce stores running on WordPress.

Besides making the CNS payment option available to MyCryptoCheckout customers around the world, this new utility opened the doors for other partnerships, including Goldgenie (see above).

The CNS integration with MyCryptoCheckout has also led to community-led endeavors, including CNS Pizza*, where users can use CNS to purchase gift cards for pizza shops, restaurants, and other retailers around the world.

* While CNS Pizza is not an official Centric partner, we appreciate their creativity and passionate support for the project!


Our first BSC partnership went live the day after our move to the BSC. We started off with both projects adding liquidity for their respective tokens on Rasta’s DEX.

Before we closed out July, we announced Rasta’s launch of RASTA-CNS RLP farming, where users who add liquidity for both RASTA and CNS will receive a new RLP (Rasta Liquidity Pool) token. The RLP token represents the depositor’s share of the pool. Users can stake the RASTA-CNS RLP token and RASTA. One Love!

Metrics & Milestones

Centric Rise Growth

CNR’s pre-determined growth rate for July was 18.5%, followed by 16% each for both August and September, per the immutable price blocks set by Centric Foundation.

CNR Q3 Starting Price: $93.98

CNR Q3 Closing Price: $149.80

Centric Rise Cumulative Burn

As of early September, the Centric protocol burned 90 Million CNR—gone forever from the total supply of one billion!

Unsure of how the burn occurs and why it’s significant? We’ve got you covered.

Centric Wallets

In September, we surpassed 33,000 Centric Wallets.

Other News

New Video Content From Our CEO

CEO Joel Clelland started a YouTube channel in September. He’s been sharing educational content and insights about Centric. Here are some highlights:

What will $100 do in Centric Rise (CNR)?

What Is Protocol Consensus?
Centric Wallet Updates…Unveiled!
Centric Whitepaper / Reading & Commentary

Centric Education Series (CES)

Joel has also continued offering regular educational webinars to share the basics of Centric for new or curious investors (setting up a wallet, buying CNS from the exchange, converting to CNR, etc.)

Register for an upcoming webinar.

Updated Presentation

In September, we released a new and expanded Centric presentation to better articulate the Centric vision. Check it out.


If you haven’t checked out the Centric blog yet, we invite you to do so. Our recent 3-part series The Burn Explained! has been especially popular.

Spoiler Alert: Q4 will be even bigger and better!

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

Centric Foundation

P.S. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram to be first to hear breaking news!

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