Centric, the First Self-Regulating TRC20 Token, Lists On BitMax

Centric Foundation announces a partnership with BitMax, offering an economic model designed to reduce volatility, and achieve their long-term vision of becoming “the breakthrough digital currency, widely accepted globally.”

Centric Foundation announced it has partnered with BitMax, a popular margin trading altcoin exchange. As of September 9, Centric’s revolutionary TRC20 dual-token economy is available on BitMax, furthering Centric’s expansion in the cryptocurrency space. Centric offers an economic model designed to reduce volatility over time, and achieve the long-term vision of becoming “the breakthrough digital currency, widely accepted globally.”

BitMax users can now access the freely exchanged Centric Cash (CNS) token through the BitMax platform. Once an investor obtains CNS, they can freely convert it to Centric Rise (CNR), which increases in value each hour through price blocks programmed into the blockchain. The predictable, hourly growth of CNR incentivizes new investors to join the network, and provides a hedge against volatility while the CNS token stabilizes on the market. The Centric protocol is immutable, censorship-resistant and independently audited.

Users can easily swap between CNS and CNR via a decentralized smart contract, accessible either through the Centric Wallet or through Centric Swap, which works with any TRON-supported wallet. Converting CNS to CNR provides holders hourly growth, and converting from CNR to CNS allows access to liquidity through exchanges like BitMax.

“Following on the heels of our August listing on Bittrex Global, the new BitMax listing demonstrates once again the Centric Foundation’s commitment to executing on the plans outlined in our roadmap,” says the Centric team.

“Through BitMax, investors can now access more liquidity, and more trading options, such as margin trading. New investors will also discover Centric through BitMax. We view this new listing as an important milestone in Centric’s adoption campaign,” says Centric.

Centric believes the current adoption phase offers “abundant investment opportunities for the savvy cryptocurrency investor,” and assures, “more partnerships are on the way.”

Centric Foundation has broad plans for adoption, high utility, and solid use cases attracting crypto investors and developers alike. In the midst of ongoing market volatility, Centric offers monetary stability and predictability in an accessible, user-friendly manner.

As part of its extensive roadmap, building long-term partnerships with major cryptocurrency players remains one of Centric Foundation’s top near-term priorities. With other partnerships in development and more announcements expected over the coming days, weeks, and months, the Centric project offers bright prospects for investors and the cryptocurrency industry overall.

For more information about Centric, please see their whitepaper or visit centric.com.

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